Power Couples & Accent Chairs.

  • December 19, 2018
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Power Couples & Accent Chairs.

Pairing up furniture can be hard. You have to consider colors, styles, fabrics, and scale, all of which can be confusing and overwhelming. Which is possibly why so many people throw their hands up in the air when it comes to finding that perfect sofa and chair combo and just end up purchasing one of the pre-made sets that so many big box stores offer. And while those are there for your convenience and definitely do the job, there are about as many sofas and chairs out there as there are people, which means there are A LOT of good, unique combos to be had. It just takes a little bit of work.

Unfortunately, there is no fancy algorithm for finding said perfect match (although whoever invents that will surely create the next big thing… bumble/tinder for furniture… could it ever happen!?). 

Long story short, every POWER COUPLE needs a throne. A place to regroup, dream, brainstorm or just sit and be fabulous. Follow the guidelines  for pairing sofas & chairs aka thrones together.

  1. Scale: This one is pretty obvious, but your chair shouldn’t be petite if you have a massive and grand sofa. They should both compliment each other in scale and be relatively the same size and proportion.
  2. Fabrics: Although this rule can sometimes be broken, typically you will want the pairing to have two complimentary fabrics. Steer clear of having a leather couch paired with a set of leather chairs, or a velvet couch paired with two velvet chairs. The same goes with patterns – if you have a patterned chair then get a solid sofa. As mentioned this rule can be broken, but is a bit harder to pull off so play it safe by sticking to the rule.
  3. Seat Height: This is a big one that a lot of people forget when they start purchasing. The seat height of your sofa and chairs should be within 4″ of each other, if not less. That means if the seat height of your chair is 17″ your seat height of your sofa should be as close as possible to that (ideally no shorter than 14″ and no taller than 20″). This will prevent you and your guests from being at awkward differing heights when you are all seated together.
  4. Legs: This rule applies to other furniture pairings as well, but if your sofa is quite heavy and boxy then consider having a chair that has a longer leg profile to help balance out the visual weight. Or visa versa, if your chair is really heavy then look for a sofa that has a little bit of a leg to it so that neither feels too heavy or too light.

We hope the rules above give you the direction you need to dominate the design of your home. Any helpful tips you can offer us? Comment Below 🙂

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