7 Things That Parents Mustn’t Forget When Searching For A New Home!

  • January 9, 2019
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7 Things That Parents Mustn’t Forget When Searching For A New Home!

Ready to Buy A Home For Your Family? Buyers with children are on the lookout for kid friendly features. But do you know everything you should check for? If you have little ones, here are 7 things you shouldn’t forget!

#1 Hot Spot
How your home is heated is important for more than one reason. You definitely don’t want your little ones to get accidentally burned. Radiators & furnaces can get piping hot. While they are cozy, then can be dangerous for wandering hands.

#2 Consider Amenities.
Getting a break from packing up the car can be a God send. If you want the ability to walk places with your kids this should be on your checklist. Check out the neighborhood to see what’s near by. Parks? Schools? Grocery Store? Ice cream Shop (ice cream ALWAYS needs to be close).

#3 Is the Backyard In View?
You need a backyard with children, but that doesn’t mean you wan to go outside every time the kids do. Avoid this by checking to see how much yard is in view from inside the house.

Obviously, you are looking for a home with enough bedrooms for your kids. But also factor in where those bedrooms are. You might want to layout where those bedrooms are. If you have little ones are the rooms in close enough proximity to yours? Has your child picked up the electric guitar and you NOW need an entire floor to separate you? Have you considered a master bedroom downstairs? What will optimize your families peace and quiet?

#5 Is There Room To Grow?
A Place for the kids to play? Extra Bedroom for guests? Office for the entrepreneur in you? Consider these questions for the “future you.” You may not have a need for it just this second, but 5 years later down the line you’ll be happy you prepared for it.

#6 Consider Your Children’s Opinion
When you’re house hunting with children, you’ll probably want to wait to involve your kids in the process until you’ve narrowed it down to your top choices.

But, by involving your kids in the house-hunting process it’ll make the moving experience more exciting and prepare them for the ultimate move. Your children can also provide you with unique insights and notice things that you did not.

#7 Do you know who your neighbors are? Every parent’s worst nightmare is moving into your dream home and finding that a sex offender lives next door. Play it safe and be sure to look at national offenders public websites, which allow you look at the location of any possible offenders in the neighborhood.

Before you write an offer on a home with any of these concerns, bring it up with your realtor. They will be able to walk you through possible fixes.

Happy House Hunting!

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