Framed Faux Pressed Leaves

  • January 25, 2019
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Framed Faux Pressed Leaves

Is it just me? I feel like DIY projects are always calling my name. Begging me to give them a try.

I love what they represent. They are personal, lots of love, frustration and determination goes into the completion of one of these projects. When done you have a unique one of a kind item showcased in your home. I LOVE THAT! While searching for another project, this one popped up on my feed and my little DIY sensors went crazy! I am pretty sure they won’t relax until my project is complete and I have shared it with “the world” aka whoever reads this post! So…Happy Crafting!

When you complete yours, be sure to tag us @TopResultsGroup and we can compare finished projects 🙂


  • Avocado (DAG52)
  • Black (DAG67)
  • Dark Chocolate (DAG65)
  • Foliage Green (DAG269)
  • Hauser Dark Green (DAG133)

Other supplies

  • flat brush 
  • frame 
  • printed images 
  • round brush 
  • plexiglass 


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps. 

  1. Collect hanging frames. If desired, cut pieces of thin plexiglass to fit inside of the frames if you don’t want to paint on the glass.
  2. Print out pictures of your favorite leaves to coordinate with the size of the frame. Use painter’s tape to tape photo behind plexiglass. Using Hauser Dark Green (or desired color), paint the leaves in. 
  3. Remove the taped photo from the back of the plastic. Using various greens and a brown, paint in your shadows and highlights on each leaf.
  4. Once dried, insert painted plastic into frames.

Craft Insp @DecoArt

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