22 Things Your Guests Want and Need!

  • February 5, 2019
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22 Things Your Guests Want and Need!
  1. Wifi password- The #1 thing that everyone said a guest room needs is easy access to the Wifi password! I painted the back of a frame that I found at Walmart with chalkboard paint. Then wrote our password on the chalkboard. Easy way to change it up! And also create some art. 
  2. Extra blankets Blankets seem obvious, but having them washed and stacked nicely make them seem more accessible. 
  3. Books are another guest room must-have. Put a few of your favs and one about the area you live. 
  4. Floor length mirror Create another “get ready” station.
  5. Water and a few easy to grab snacks Candy jar, healthy snacks and water are a super nice gesture for guests.
  6. Essential items in a basket- Kleenex, toothpaste, socks, eye mask, makeup wipes, Tylenol, Tums, lotion etc.
  7. Nice sheets I would look for a thread count of at least 300. You can find comfortable & affordable sheets from Target, Walmart or TjMaxx
  8. Assorted pillow options 
  9. Phone Charger with extension cord #9- Phone Charger (extension cord is a good thing to offer too)– We have a plug built into the desk that is behind the sofa. TIP*** Label them with your name to avoid confusion. 
  10. Hooks to hang bags and or clothes
  11. Luggage stand
  12. Laundry basket or extra empty baskets around I love the idea of just having a couple extra empty baskets for guests to pile their shoes in or anything they want to contain. 
  13. Sound machine
  14. Fan Another highly recommended item. Everyones body temperature is so different. If you don’t have a ceiling fan you could get a table fan. 
  15. Lamps
  16. Candle and flowers or plants
  17. Robe 
  18. Extra Towels this might be one of my top things to have for guests. Nice clean quality towels! Stock bathroom shelves, a set of eight with a few washcloths.
  19. Plenty of toilet paper and room spray Can you imagine being on the toilet at a guests and run out of toilet paper?? Worst fear.
  20. Plunger in bathroom And save them one more step from embarrassment by getting a plunger IN the bathroom and I will add get a trash can with a LID!!
  21. Cleaned off surfaces clear from personal items. I would clean off surfaces and put in a tote-and even try with less after your guests leave! And I would add to clean and declutter any drawer or cupboard or closet that a guest might open in the guest bathroom and guest room. 
  22. Love! Cheesy as it sounds I always try to remember the quote- “Let no one ever come to you without leaving HAPPIER!”

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