Small House Solutions

  • February 28, 2019
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Small House Solutions

Small houses can be charming, but there are definitely challenges to working with a tight space. Here are five common small house woes, and a few solutions for each!

1) A Narrow Room

Adding a horizontal striped rug visually widens a narrow space. And painting horizontal stripes on the walls has the same effect! Low ceilings? Switch to vertical stripes!

A full wall of mirrors in this narrow space doubles the visual impact of the hallway, making it feel more spacious.

2) Lack of Storage

Find storage in unexpected places. This cupboard door is perfect for added storage and keeping kitchen tools easily accessible.

Choose furniture that can function in multiple ways. Look for pieces that offer storage for game supplies and can also be used as an ottoman and additional seating.

3) Not Enough Rooms

Take over an underutilized closet and transform it into a small office.

No designated dining room or entry? Be creative. Try to manage a living room, entryway with coat hooks, and even a small dining table against the sofa! Don’t be afraid to make unconventional choices if they solve your space limitations.

4) Too Cramped

Consider furniture that looks airy and open. This pretty gold bookshelf has an open back, and the occasional chair has exposed legs which lets our eyes pass right through instead of taking up a lot of visual space.

Choose built-ins. Too many pieces of furniture in a small room will make it feel cramped.

5) Too Dark

Be sure to use multiple layers of lighting. For example: use a ceiling pendant light and two sconces in addition to a large window. In a living room, you may have the option to use recessed lights, a ceiling flushmount, and even a few table lamps to bring in extra brightness and ambiance to your space.

Strategically placing a mirror on a wall opposite from a window maximizes natural light and creates the feel of an extra window.

What other tricks do you use for small spaces?

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