How to Save a Down Payment for a House

Tired of renting? We get it. The pressure to buy a home right now is real, especially as rent prices continue to rise. All of your friends are buying houses, and you’ve heard the market is really good right now. Plus, you’re really sick of paying rent just to walk your dog down three flights […]

10 Storage Tricks for a Small Kitchen

A cramped kitchen requires organization skill and optimization. It can be very frustrating not have proper storage for your belongings. But, maybe a quick change in thinking could solve your kitchen storage problems. All tips & tricks may not work for you, but even if you adopt one or two ideas my hope Is that […]

Who Pays for Closing Costs, the Buyer or Seller?

If you’re buying or selling real estate you may be wondering who pays for closing costs, is it the buyer or seller? The answer is both, the buyer has their own closing costs & so does the seller. It’s not customary for a seller to ask the buyer to pay for any of their closing […]

Ready to Sell?

So…you’ve decided to sell your Home (maybe upgrade to your dream home or downsize to something smaller)!  Its on the market, you’ve done your showings and now you have the offer you’ve been waiting for… ✅You Accept the Offer ✅The Home Inspection Is Ordered Your agent will discuss any needed repairs after buyers receive & […]

New Year, New Home: 6 Resolutions for Buying a Home in 2020

We say starting early is key when it comes to buying your First Home. If you are looking to buy a home in 2020, it’s time to start planning. As we look ahead in the new year, we say making and keeping the resolutions below will help set you up for success. Resolution 1: Start […]

5 Things to Know About VA Loans & Housing Programs 🇺🇸

As part of its mission to serve the nation’s military members, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides several housing benefits to service members & their families, including assistance with home loans! If you or someone close to you has a military affiliation, it’s a good idea to know about the resources available.  Who’s eligible: […]

7 Best Things About Buying A House In The Fall 🍂

The summertime real estate season is as hot as the weather, but you might have been ahead of the game to postpone your home purchase until fall. For the first time in recent history, October surpassed June as the most popular month to get married. And these autumn-loving brides may be on to something: Although […]

What is PMI?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a home — from which neighborhood you want to live in, to how big of a home you want, to the type of mortgage that is best for you. But one thing that tends to get forgotten during the home-buying process is all the extra […]


SWEET POTATO GOAT CHEESE APPETIZER Sweet potato rounds with goat cheese are the perfect party appetizer! They beautiful and easy to make! USEFUL TIPS FOR MAKING THIS SWEET POTATO CHEESE APPETIZER: Cut the sweet potatoes ahead and keep in water until ready to use (just drain and blot) You could also bake the sweet potatoes […]

8 Unusual Weapons for Home Defense

It doesn’t do you any good to do everything you can to survive any sort of disaster that might come along if you’re unprepared to defend your home. While we can all hope that our property never comes under attack, hope alone won’t keep us safe. In a crisis situation where there is a shortage […]